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Registration form for a project "Do business with Ukrainians"

Middle scale and small businesses are the fundaments of our economy, they pay taxes and create working places. So by helping such businesses in the creation of new connections with international customers, we help them survive today and build new economical architecture for tomorrow, as soon as we win.

The project has 3 main tasks:

  • help Ukrainian small businesses to find international customers;

  • provide support and help for the successful realization of international projects (knowledge, networking, mentorship, international accounts);

  • provide financial grants, in order to help small businesses to continue their work right now (pay taxes and salaries).

Kindly invite businesses, who need support, to cooperate with our project in order to help our country's economy.

Please, feel in this form for project registration. By providing your personal data and data about your company, I give my permission as the owner of this data for this data processing by organizators of this project and inform me regarding new steps. Received information will be confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

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